Mandela Day 2010…67 minutes for a better world

Yep, it's time to wish Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela. 92 years of inspiration for our generation. But what is a Mandela Day?Mandela Day is a call to action for people everywhere to take responsibility

The Worlds End State Park… where Nature talks to Friendship

Worlds End State Park is in a narrow S-shaped valley of the Loyalsock Creek just south of Forksville, Sullivan County. The scenery is spectacular, especially the June mountain laurel and fall foliage. Canyon Vista, reached

And it’s not just a game… it's not just a game! Is not a case that anythime I cross the colors of South Africa, the sound of this country, the inspiration that a leader such as Nelson Mandela was, is

The Wishing Gate…

Inspiration from books..:-)There are times when even the bravest want to give up: times when appearances indicate that everything is against us, and it is no use to try. At such times you should remember

“Elena”, “Alfredo” and…”Toto”… a unique story with thousands of thoughts….

Yep... not necessarly these three names tell you something, but for sure will let you think if you have the chance to watch a Tornatore's masterpiece: "Cinema Paradiso".Due to a pure casuality, yesterday I had

Thinkers….The outstanding figures of tomorrow are the creative and constructive thinkers of today

Isn't funny that sometimes it takes years before you read a book that you have in your library? Maybe it was a gift, maybe it was not the right time to read it, for some

Customer Service as a Growth Engine ….from “Thank you for calling” to “How is your day going”?

An interesting article written by DANA MATTIOLI on the Wall Street Journal. A reflection of today business environment..."Executives are paying more attention to customer service in an effort to increase sales and gain market share

Blog versus Facebook: who will win?

Here we go, few days ago I was thinking to this question and I realized that so far, Facebook is the winner of the online networking competition.When blog started to pop up all over the

Wines: a taste of…. life :-)

There are no doubts that wines makes not only table but life much more colorful :-) Today I enriched my home collection (destined to continously diseappear) with 5 new bottles. Following a short description of

Ilhabela…or Beautiful Island

One week ago I visited this fantastic Island, spending good time with friends and enjoying the atmosphere of this place. In case you will be visiting Brazil, I strongly reccomend to spend some time in