Human interaction…a key principle in “Participatory Management”

Reading a newsletter sent from our friend and expert in business consulting Philip Levy.  Decisional process, authority, delegating power, empowerment... all under one umbrella: "Participatory Management".Food for thoughts  and ready for a more extensive discussion

Interval Training loves our Heart

 Meeting a person and discovering that running is a common passion. Few more minutes and the interval training is already a discussion topic. If you are a person who loves cardio activities, training at intervals

Happy 150th Birthday….Italia

Language, Culture, History, Food, Sports, Wine, Arts, Beauty, Creativity, Nature, Passion and...a big Colorful Heart. This is what Italy is all about.In reality, I currently see around two categories of thoughts. The first one that

A call to men…A man box

"I remember to speak to a 12years boy football player and I asked him: I would you feel if in front of all players, your Coach told you: You played like a girl?... Now..I expected

Mediterranean diet is now cultural heritage of humanity

I already knew that our Cuisine was special. Aknowledging that this has been recognized worldwide, add the final cherry on the cake :-)Yep, I'm talking about the Mediterranean Diet that has recently been nominated as

The magic power of music…

Let's do like on the following link and once the music starts, simply enjoy the video and the magic sensation given by this energetic song .. Whatever is your mood right will be

Wei-ji: “danger” + “opportunity”…

Here we go...during one of the World Business Forum Session held in NYC this year, one of the speaker introduced the concept of the word "crisis". In all worldwide languages, crisis is expressed with a

Young Executive Committee…time to walk for a right cause..:-)

Sometimes ......people ask for donations, sometimes people get annoyed by all the requests received...the truth is that is always the right time to give something back to the community.Best way to do so is together

In the Heights…Your Dreams will come true

In the Heights...watching musical in Broadway is always a live feeling... but at this time it was even more.The reason is the nature itself of this musical. Heigths is an uptown area of New York,

Art inspires feelings…

How can pure art and creation can deeply inspire feelings and emotions...