A glass of water: a must watch inspirational story

A glass of water Is a must watch inspirational story which will change your perspective of life.

Music: the inspiring connection between dreams and reality

When we need a little help to keep our journey going, a friend is always available and ready to inspire us: music.

Nord Wand movie: the driving force

We often watch movies, read books, listen to stories of people who died to achieve their dreams. People with strong values and determination. People who brought innovation and/or open the doors to a better world.

You may say…

I have walked the long road to freedom….

It's about making our dreams come true. That's what you taught to all of us. That's what we got from your life-learning lessons. That's what we will carry-on with us forever. Dear Nelson, or as

Morning Kick Off

“This has gotta be the Good Good Life”…..

Time to share some nice thoughts about one of the songs I had the pleasure to listen during yesterday One Republic Concert in NY. After the concert, I could not resist to download the lyrics

I believe I can fly….

"A Free Man is someone who's true to himself, who follows his dreams, and turns them into reality. You have to put fear on one side, it will always be there, but you have to

Inspire and be inspired

Being inspired by colleagues. I guess I'm lucky as it happens every day. Will pass the same message through. I'm confident that this will inspire you as well. Thanks Joe for sharing! Enjoy  

Hungry for Change….

Often, we get involved in conversations about food, fat, calories, energy levels and so on. Whatever is the status we are currently in, there is no doubt that this is a matter that affects our