Yep… not necessarly these three names tell you something, but for sure will let you think if you have the chance to watch a Tornatore’s masterpiece: “Cinema Paradiso”.

Due to a pure casuality, yesterday I had the chance to watch this movie. I alredy did it long time ago (considering that was produced on 1988), but yesterday was different…many meanings and thoughts came up at the end…3 uncredible life-stories, a trade-off between an unrealized love story and a director carrier, the knowledgeble crazyness of Alfredo, able to deeply influence the course of the story… a mother that always have the true feeling of what is happening… it’s not just a story! It’s a continuos conflict between opposite forces that drives your life.

Glad I share them with a close friend of mine… is not an easy movie to “digest”… but wonderful to bring your thoughts in front and behind your feet.

“Is there any Elena in your past life? There will be one in the future? Who is your “Alfredo”? And what “Toto'” is doing right now? … I leave all these questions open… but suggest to watch the movie first if you want to start answering…or at least, try ..:-)

No need to mention the fantastic soundtrack of Ennio Morricone and the several Awards won by this film… Enjoy the view