I believe…just like a child…:-)

April 22th will be the Earth Day 2010, time to celebrate 40 years of common activities around the world.In case you don't know about this movement, below some details (http://www.earthday.org/):"Earth Day Network was founded on

That green square….called the Heart of New York

A white-brown dog observing his territory, a Japanese mother teaching the first steps his son, a student texting on his blackberry, an helicopter flying on top of our heads, a couple playing with a yellow

Sounds…and Feelings

A characteristic sound in the subway, a slice of wind at the 24th floor of a building, a thought crossing your mind, a feeling touching your heart... Simply... Emotions!!This is what any human being is

Discovering Manhattan…from book to foot…

It's always interesting to read a book about the place where you live...it gives you the chance to walk through the history and learn about the past... well...what I noticed is that, now the City

Take the Lead…

Saturday March 13th, raining outside and finally a free morning day. These are the moments in which you need to make an important decision: remaining in bed enjoying the warmness of the pillow in your

A bag and the NYC Subway…

You never know, what a bag in the subway can carry on..Maybe a book of an inspiring artist, maybe performances reports of a busy young corporate manager, maybe a toy and the milk for a

Surfing the wave…

Yes, this is the sensation when you feel that you are going towards the direction that you like it...It is not easy to find the right track, but experience is teaching me that if you

Daily Dilemma :-)

And here we go... to talk about one of the dilemma that everyone is facing on a daily basis...:-)It often happens that at the end of the day we feel very tired.... this is the

No matter what….

...there are no excuses to wake up in the morning without energy.Last night I was reading the news regarding the earthquake in Chile.... some scientists said that this event caused the shift of the entire

The value of a life…

There are moments in which, regardless the achievement or the dimension of an event... a life of a single individual becomes one of the most valuable things in the world.Watching the closing of the Winter