And here we go… to talk about one of the dilemma that everyone is facing on a daily basis…:-)

It often happens that at the end of the day we feel very tired…. this is the time in which we feel that life is not going in the direction we would like to.
Well, if this can help, I’m going to share 3 simple questions that works for me…just think about it, get organized and simply love your life…:-)

1. Did you achieve your daily goals? If not, simply change the way you are organized…don’t waste time in things that are not priority for you.

2. Are you physically or mentally tired? If physically, simply have a nice sleep or vacation….your body needs it. If mentally, simply stress out…go to the gym, hang out, dance…

3. Are you laughing? If not….simply do it 🙂 Lord Byron said:”Laugh anytime you can. It is a cheap medicine.”

Believe, Conceive, Achieve… in a funny way 🙂