A white-brown dog observing his territory, a Japanese mother teaching the first steps his son, a student texting on his blackberry, an helicopter flying on top of our heads, a couple playing with a yellow frisbee, a runner crossing the side of the park, a lady reproducing a yoga position, a jumping squirrel curios of his guests…

Yes it is. A spring day after a long and cold winter. Main actor: The Sun. Sunshines are not limited to few….but simply they can reach anybody.

This reflects the principle of the “unlimited resources”, the one that can be shared without diminishing the energy itself. The same concept can be applied to our feelings. A smile is contagious…more you share it, more it becomes bigger and bigger… without losing its intensity.

Now, combine sunshine and smiles and you will understand why today Central Park represents the heart of a smiling city 🙂