Five Steps to Develop Your Career Plan and Gain Competitive Advantage at Work

You should have a constructive discussion with your direct manager. Here are stated some useful steps that may help you.

It’s a Decision! It’s Your Job to Push Yourself!

The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, apply the 5 second rule.

Three New Lenses to Change Your Story and Boost Your Positive Emotions

Where there is a problem, there is always an opportunity, the most effective way people can change a story is to view it through any of these three lenses.

Focus on Your Energy, not on Your Time

Let me introduce a concept that can help you to start manage your energy and not your time.

5 key strategies to win a control-freak boss

5 strategies that will help you to win the control-freak approach of a direct Manager/Boss and create support to your career path.

Faith vs Hope: I’ve Made My Choice

Life is a pendulum which swings between joys and tears. My idea to positively contribute as change agent brings always my pendulum to choose faith.

Make Your Life a Masterpiece


The Ultimate Concept

Find your "ultimate" concept" and unleash your happiness

Dare to Be Great! Dare to be Powerful Beyond Measure

You cannot miss this video!

Planning Process: 5 Key Steps towards an Enjoyable Journey

It's time to share 5 useful principles for your planning process. Whether you're preparing your next career step, or you're planning to run a marathon, these concepts will probably increase your chances to be successful.