There are no doubts that wines makes not only table but life much more colorful 🙂 Today I enriched my home collection (destined to continously diseappear) with 5 new bottles. Following a short description of these tasteful and enjoyable wines:

1. Gavi di Gavi. This is a white wine, my favorite one. Made with Cortese grape it is traditionally grown in the area around the town of Gavi, Piemonte (North Italy). I spent several summers in that small town and as you can see, I’m always bringing with me this fantastic wine. Delicious to match with fish dishes

2.Falanghina, Irpinia. This is from Campania, South of Italy. Also white, this grape has been grown for thousands of years. It made wine for the Romans and now is keep doing so for the “New Ones”..:-) Ideal with scallops and fish dishes in general.

3. Sangiovese. Let’s move to red wines. From a region close to the Lake of Garda, (North Italy), this is excellent with pasta dishes and risotto. To be served at “temperatura ambiente”…so, don;t put it in the fridge!!

4. Chianti Classico, Riserva 2004. Nothing to add to this Tuscany wine. Simply enjoyable, you never go wrong!

5. Barbera D’Alba. This is also a wine from Piemonte (North Italy). Before to drink it, a couple of suggestions could be useful. First, it is a great match with steak or meat. Second, to fully enjoy this wine, open the bottle at least 30 minutes before to drink it. It is an essential trick 🙂

Hopefully you enjoy above selection. I will surely do….time to cook something that will match the first bottle..:-) Anyone for dinner? 🙂