Inspiration from books..:-)

There are times when even the bravest want to give up: times when appearances indicate that everything is against us, and it is no use to try. At such times you should remember that is always darkest just before the dawn; that a little more faith, a little more patience is all that we need to win. Remember, too, that all those who have reached their goal ahead of you felt tired sometimes, and wanted to give up, but they DID NOT. If they had, you would never heard of them.

Occasionally we are like the little boy who went off to find the “Wishing Gate.” He was so intent on his purpose that he did not notice where he was going. Presently he found that he was lost and very tired, so he sat down on an old stile to rest. The North Wind came along and offered to take him home, and he abandoned his quest because he was tired and accepted the North Wind’s offer.

As they traveled along the North Wind asked him how he came to be lost. “I was looking for the Wishing Gate,” he replied. The Wind laughed all the way to his home. When they reached his doorstep the North Wind said, “The next time you go out to search for anything keep your wits about you. You were sitting on the Wishing Gate when I found you.”