Here we go, few days ago I was thinking to this question and I realized that so far, Facebook is the winner of the online networking competition.

When blog started to pop up all over the web, it was a kind of cool to have your own space where you could write your thoughts or share your pictures and so on. There was the need to have something easier of a website. This was the time on which everybody started to write on the web-blog (I can think around 2002/2003).

Then, the first evolution. People started to create websites where several blog could be linked and where you can see the latest updated post. I can call this as a rough version of Facebook. I still remember a conversation amongst few guys while I was in Germany for an AIESEC Conference. They were talking about this concept and the value that could be developed over the years. It ends up in one of the most pleasant network we have on the web now.

Than, the dinamic version of the blog: Facebook, for which I don’t think I could add more than what you already know.
Finally, I could think to Facebook as the natural evolution of the blog.
Does it mean that blog are destined to end? Not at all. Blog is still keeping the beauty on its original status. It’s like to compare emails with our old mail system. I do write 99% of the time using emails, but I do know that regular mail can reach point that emails cannot.
So, maybe we simply need to use the right tool for the right moment or purpose.
Let’s use both, making sure we don’t forget our lovely and traditional blog.. He is always there, waiting for your updates 🙂