One week ago I visited this fantastic Island, spending good time with friends and enjoying the atmosphere of this place. In case you will be visiting Brazil, I strongly reccomend to spend some time in this Paradise..:-)

Below some useful information:

Ilhabela, or Beautiful Island, on Ilha de São Sebastião in the state of São Paulo, (see the interactive map from Expedia) certainly lives up to its name. Discovered in 1502 by Américo Vespúcio, the island has a long history of defense against foreign naval powers, pirate’s refuge, black market slavery, smuggling base and failed colonial efforts at sugar and coffee plantations.

About 85% of the island’s almost 350,000 square miles is within Ilhabela State Park, with further development not allowed. Most of the development is on the west coat facing the mainland, and the island’s economy is based on tourism.

There are great 35 km of beaches, a coastal Atlantic rain forest, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, to explore, mountain peaks to climb and over 400 cool waterfalls cascading into the ocean. Add to that legends of pirate treasure, underwater wrecks to explore, great sailing, enough to make Ilhabela’s annual Sailing Week a must, and you’ve got the makings of an attractive vacation destination.