And so my friends, the trip is going on. After six months spent in this incredible city, it’s time to take a break and come back home, on the Italian ground.

I hope everything will be ok for my new VISA, so I can come back and stay here for the next 18 months.
It’s time to trace a balance of those incredible 6 months spent in this huge city.
Positive, positive, positive. No other words can explain this amazing experience here. I met so many people, new friends, new life style… and in all this change I discovered day by day something more regarding me, my ambitions…
I hope I can continue soon this experience.
And today, I was again in the place that inspired this weblog. It’s incredible walking on this bridge and looking around you.
And now, some weeks in Italy again. It’s the first time I was out of my native borders for so long time. I will have the chance to relax my self, to enjoy all my old friends and to reach the love of my family… and at the end, I will be ready to start again…and I know…this bridge will be the place where my adventure will start again.
What is the life if not thousands of adventure put together? And all these adventures are linked by thousand of bridges. Walking on those bridge is the story of OUR LIFE. In which bridge are you walking right now?
Take care my friends