Hey my dear,
it’s a long time I’m not writing in my blog but, I’m still alive..:-).
Yes, I just came back to Italy for 3 weeks in order to get the new VISA and now, I started my new experience in New York, where I’ll live for the next 18 months. Yes, it was a tough decision but at the end, I’m really happy to start my working experience here.
And so, after few days, I started to find out what new I can do in the future. In the middle of thousands of idea, one it’s already started. What is that?

In few words, I love to read books and I love share my ideas with my friends. So, at the end of the day, the decision to have a new weblog in which I can write down my book. Yes, I’m not a writer, but who is the writer if not who write something? So, I’ll start in this my new adventure. You can see the link on the right of the homepage, going down… anyway, the new weblog address is http://storiediformiche.blogspot.com/
Enjoy your reading. This time, I’m really sorry for my international friends, I decided to write in italian. It’s the best way to explain all my toughts, and, it’s a good balance with my italian friends who don’t know english and cannot understand 100% what I’m writing on my main weblog.

In any case, I’m waiting all of you in New York and we will discuss about everything in the international young language? Which one? The language we speak in front a good beer and again… in front a second good beer … and again… in front a third good beer… and…and… ops, probably we will get drunk!!!

Take care friends