Have you ever heard sentences like: “I’m tired” or “I’m giving 100% of myself but I’m not getting the same back” or “there is no time to do everything”?
Well, probably this is what 90% of people says everyday. Find excuses is one of the most visible aspect of the modern society. This is the reason why people feel unhappyness and unsatisfaction.

Most of the time we miss an important detail:


Often, we badly want to achieve something, and by the day we do it (or not), we don’t feel the desidered satisfaction. The main reason is because we are so focused on the results, that we miss the daily contact, emotions given by people around us, sounds and colors coming out from the environment in which we live.

Think about an artist who play music. A song is a final result of a creative and inspirational moment. Behind a song, there is always a story, a though, an emotion, a mind, a path. The way songs are created make them uniques.

This is the same logic valid for anything else in life.

“Wedding is a result of love, not a goal to achieve. Being manager is a result of doing a good work and having a nice attitude, is not a chair to sit on top. Dream is live our life with open eyes, is not something to balance with the unhappiness of every day”.

So, does it means that we can simply dream and live without goals and plans? Definetely no. Dreams without actions are like to have a roof of the house without foundations. We need both, for the right purposes.
Final goal is needed in order to visualize the path. Our mission is to live this journey smiling to everything around us. This is what I believe is bringing happiness to people. At least, it ensure that we are not spending our life time without living it.

Enjoy your day, life…and always smile.