I’m back. After a week end spent with friends and relax, I’m trying to get ready for the new week is coming soon.
But, as promised some days ago, let me talk about something regarding the personal growth.
Reading one book on this topic, I found this sentence:
“You will be either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety”.
Since the first moment, I found really interesting the meaning of this sentence. I used to describe the same concept as: “you can decide to stay in your bed, under a safe quilt, or you can decide to stay all the time out of your confortable zone”.
Personally, I think there is not only one way to act. However, it’s also true that more we live in unconfortable zone to us, more we learn for the future. Conclusions can be traced by everyone of us…
But, let me leave with a reflection. Think for a minute to all the problems you faced during the day. After that, click here and see all the pictures. Is not the same world we are living in?
Take care my friends