….and now it’s the time to tell you what happened when pirates met dreams..:-)
It was a common day, busy like always and with just one end: come back home and take some rest.
But, something was missing and for instinct I decided to walk a little bit more in this huge city. Like all the time, walking means thinking, thinking means something new at the door..:-)
And so, my dreams arrived in the McSORLEY’S OLD ALE HOUSE(http://www.mcsorleysnewyork.com/), one of the oldest Ale House in New York where many personal histories took place.
I was there one week before, with all my friends of my previous english school. It was amazing been together and singing all the national anthems, drinking and having fun.
But this time, I was there just to eat something, drinking a couple of good beers and coming back home not too late.
One of the greatest quality of New York is to meet every day new person. And that was true also this time.
I started to talk with people around me and at the end I met a Pirate and his idea of freedom in our society. Believe or not, in the 2006 Pirates are still living in our society. They are alive.
So, we started to talk about our life, and step by step…beer by beer, my concept of “dreaming with open eyes” and his concept of “freedom in our society” met each other. Everything around us started to have different colours, we were on the same waive, and we started to think about all the different life-histories of everyone sitting in this place, that night…and in all the nights from 1827.
And John, owner of this place, was with us. Believe or not, that night we drunk for the Italian Team, playing the World Soccer Cup. The day after, we won against Germany…and some days after we won the world cup.
You can believe or not…but I met a pirate, we drunk and dreamed together, and we won the World Cup. All this, started when “dreaming with open eyes” met “Pirates” in New York.

Take care all my new pirates friends, living all around he world..:-)