Here we go…during one of the World Business Forum Session held in NYC this year, one of the speaker introduced the concept of the word “crisis”. In all worldwide languages, crisis is expressed with a unique word, except for the Chinese and Japanese language.

Curious to learn but the word crisis is composed by “Wei” that means danger and “Ji” that means opportunity.

This terminology is often used to explain business concept of crisis management but I prefer to see it applied to the day by day life experience.

There is no doubt that any crisis is always a “danger” situation…but I like to see as “ok, this is not working, it’s time to change it!”. I would call it as a “being in front of a positive force” that continuisly ask you to do something better.
Let’s say…nobody likes to be in a crisis, whatever is its nature….but we like it or not…this is one of the most prductive way to go to the “next step”…so, never worry about it!

Yes, never worry about it…because the second word is “opportunity”. After every storm there is a rainbow… let’s get wet and face the new challenges in front of us.