The story of this blog started walking on the Brooklyn Bridge in NY. Yes, I had the lucky to visit this city also on the 2002, the summer after 09/11. Since that time, I always dreamed this path. Now, it represents one of the most important pieces of my life. Crossing a bridge it’s a mix of feelings, meanings, thoughts. It links point A to point B. But, everytime you walk on it, personal persepctives use ot change. This is the reason why it seems everytime to live a unique experience.
One year ago, I bought a calendar with the most important bridges of the world. I sat down and I started to observe each one of them. That was the first time I was thinking to the experience the crossing of the Golden Gate, in San Francisco. 2 weeks ago, while I was travelling on the West Coast of the USA, I met 2 guys. 5:30 in the morning, we were both ready to start our life experience in the Gran Canyon. We introduced each others and after few minutes, they showed me some picture of San Francisco, last city they visited before to arrive to Las Vegas. In one of the picture, the Red Bridge! I started to think about my trip and see if there was an open window. But, the idea to go to San Diego and after to Los Angeles was great as well.

After the entire day spent in the Gran Canyon Reserve, I moved to San Diego. One day in its wonderful bay and the new decision: that night I decided to leave again. 11 hours were dividing me from the Red Bridge. Exacly one night of bus trip. I cancelled my hostel in San Diego and the Sun of the morning after was shining on San Francisco. Temperature was extremely cold and foggy. But, this situation facilitated the meeting of new people. Cathy, a girl from Cezch Republic, was travelling alone as well. In agreement, we decided to live this experience together and…We finally did it. We crossed the bridge, twice.

At the end of this trip, we stopped in a Chinese Restaurant, drinking hot green tea, eating some fresh sushi and recovering ourselves. We spoke as old friends, was amazing! We were extremely tired but happy for the common adventure. We spent the rest of the day together with several new experiences and there was a bit of sadness at the end of the day. A new night was coming in: my new direction was Los Angeles. Before to leave, we promised each other to remain in contact. After the Golden Gate, next dream is to see the sun on the top of Machu Pichu, in Peru an maybe, we will find again a common road to walk together.

A new bridge has been crossed, it’s time to find the next one. Any suggestion?
Take care Gianpy