Dear friends, it’s me again…and this time I’m going to write down some thoughts of the day.
The first one is coming from the book I’m actually reading. (The DNA of the Leadership).
I was reading the “the gene C” part, regarding the community concept, and I found this interesting sentence:

“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm”

This sentence could have different meanings but as always, I like to link old sentence with actual issue. So, that time I found an interesting link between this sentence and what is happening today in New York.
During these days, at the UN Building, is on going a worldwide meeting were the most important leaders of the world are discussing on the current issues…and trying to find common solutions.
Probably is not only having their own speach that they will find all the answers to the actual problems, but… it’s also true that we cannot think forever that there are two different worlds. The first one, political and regarding power people; and the second one, regarding all the rest common people.
Everyone has his role in this world…and the world needs the cooperation of everyone. So, when we heard news or when we read on the newspaper regarding IRAN, IRAQ, USA, OIL, DARFUR etc… probably is the right time to think to this old sentence… and starts to do something. Something for waht? The answer is…let’s starts with the community around you, with people who meet all day, with your friends an family….and be ready…. because when you talk about COMMUNITY, you will find again this old sentence… and …it’s your turn!!!

Take care…