We read books, we watch movies, we listen to stories and behind all of them, there is always a concept, an idea, something able to drive people, teams, communities. This idea is something we are ready to live and die for, something that creates emotions, feelings and that sense of being alive, giving our lives a purpose.

So, the question is: how do we recognize that idea? Well, think about your dreams, think about the happiest moment of your life, think about what makes you smile and feel happy. Think about what fulfills you. You are now in that world. Breathe the moments, look at the people around you, they are probably your companions on this fantastic journey. It’s time now to look around and find that thing, that world, that idea which brings all of this together. This is the ultimate key to your happiness.

After all those years, I found a common element in my life, experience, dreams. “The bridge”. The bridge can have various meanings. It started with bringing together my past and my present, Italy and US, my childhood and my adulthood. It is now a meaning of bringing cultures and people together, creating dialogues and opportunities, and breathe those moments we all desire to live for.

And here I am, walking confidently on the bridge of life. Unleash your ultimate key to happiness. It has always been and will always be there, waiting to be fully lived.