If you are looking for something unique, you can definitely include “bergamotto” in your list. You will surprised to learn that the 80% of the worldwide bergamotto is produced in Calabria, close to Reggio Calabria. The reason is simple. This is the only place on earth where this fruit finds the conditions to grow and vigorously flourish.

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An essence extracted from the aromatic skin is used to flavor earl grey, marmalade and other kind of food. If we instead look at its flagrance, we will find that 1/3 of the man’s perfumes and half of the women perfumes contain bergamot essential oil. Current researches indicate as well that this fruit brings several medical benefits (e.g. to cure skin diseases).

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I guess there are enough information to wake up your curiousity. I encourage you to discover more about this fruit and its quality. And why not, visit Calabria and enjoy the discovery of this unique and precious land.

Note: If you’d like to watch an interesting video (available¬†only in italian), click here