5 Key strategies to win a control-freak boss

Throughout our careers, we may face difficulties due to the control-freak approach of a direct Manager/Boss. The first reaction is usually to criticize their style, fight it back. As a result of this reaction, the relationship with our direct Manager deteriorates progressively.

The real loser in this story is often us. So, here the 5 strategies that will help you to win this attitude and create support for your career path.


  1. Understand your boss’s sensitivities – Once you know him better, you will gain more insight into the area he is touchy about. This means you can target your actions and put him at ease.
  2. Don’t fight it – Understand the benefits of a micro-management approach. What can you learn from it? How will it benefit your long-term vision?
  3.  Monitor your performances and “how are you perceived by your Boss” – This will help you to stay focused on the development of your key skills/expertise.
  4. Volunteer to work on task your Boss doesn’t like to invest his/her time – You will find space to express yourself and your Boss will actually let you do it!
  5. Always spread your eggs in multiple baskets – Join committees or additional projects outside your main role. This will help you to develop your network and enrich your portfolio of activities. As a result, the total time of your day affected by micromanagement will become lesser each day.

Time to accept that not all conflict is bad. Challenge accepted?