mister but

Today I had the chance to talk with some interesting people, share my ideas and understand their thoughts. From there, I started to think about the relationship between “personal dreams” and “real life”. That brought me to make a special guest’s acquaintance.
Anytime we’d like to do something really interesting or, work in a wonderful place, or try to achieve our dreams, someone always shows up. We can call him MR BUT, always present in our life. That’s true.

CIMG1111.1When we think about “dreams”, our sentences seem not to be complete without MR BUT.Have you ever heard “I would like to go in Australia BUT I have no money to spend now” or “I would like to know more BUT the time was over”???

MR BUT is always present but fortunately, also for him the BUT RULE applies. To overcome the limitation of MR BUT, we need to make him as one of our best friends. The positive impact of this friendship are limitless. Let’s make an example:


You cannot live just with your dreams, BUT you can dream your life.


As you can see, if MR BUT becomes one of our best friends, his qualities replace his limitation. In our case… he is clearly helping us to understand that to achieve our dreams we need to work hard. At the same time, he is also suggesting to enjoy our life by living with the same passion present in our dreams.

Finally, have you ever heard about “DREAMING WITH OPEN EYES”? It is the best way to meet MR BUT and… to become one of his best friend, if you’d like.