It’s the time of soccer macth in New York… trying to anticipate the feeling of competition of the World Cup coming soon.
One week ago we had the first match in Queens (you can see the picture) between

Europe&South America vs Asian Countries

After 80 minutes of hard match, 11 against 11, the final result was 5 to 3 for us. But, the next challenge is coming soon, next week we’ll play again…so, keep in touch for the news.
The world competition is just started!!!Below you can also find the official pictures of the two team… but, as you can see, it’s just for the competition…the rest is simply friendships in this huge city, where it’s possible to became friends following the passion for the soccer.
And for my italian friends who are waiting for the AIESEC soccer transition match of June… I can tell them…I’m doing my job…now it’s your turn..:-) go go go