So long time… it looks like I never had a weblog!!!
If it’s true that I didn’t write anything during the past 2 months, coming back on this weblog is becoming again exciting. Why? Because I have thousands of news to tell to everybody.
So, from now on, I will start again to use this space to communciate what is going on my life.
Let’s start. I’m still in this city, and the above picture is still reflecting my favorite and magic place to be.
My working experience is going well. Everyday I can find something new and this is exacly what I was looking for. My passion is not the shipping, but, this field is full of challenges every day and it’s becoming a nice experience to live.
However, every day I take the chance to read and study something regarding one of my passion: The People Development. It’s unbelievable to see how many things every human being can discover in yourself.
Just today, after finish my previous book, I began a new adventure reading a new one. I’m sure most of you know this masterpiece. The title is “The art of War” by Sun Tzu’s. I just started and … I already understood that I will be awake all night!!!
Wheather…believe or not here it’s so…so…so cold!!! It’s happen almost every day to be under the zero… I’m looking forward to see the spring…and enjoy the free time in all the New York parks. In the mid-time…too many thins are waiting for…so, there is not chance to get bored.
This is just a new start…keep in touch for the next post. New Title will be: “You will be either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety” Abraham Maslow.
Interested? Keep in touch….