It`s snowing…(english) this is one of the wonderful esclamation that any childrens always enjoy so much… So, it`s time to play with the snow, going back home full of water inside your shoes…and with your red cold face.
That`s a beautiful story, right?
…but not if your house, your car are completely under the snow.. And you have also problem in order to open the door.
Anyway, everyone can survive if it snow just for one day..It was exacly what happened in New York during this week end.
And going back to the reality, monday morning New York city started again its quick-moving life. At the end, it remains just a lot of snow in the cross-walk and a great story to tell in the future: «I remember that february 2006.. I never seen in my life so much snow in the city as in that time…and… If I don`t make a mistake… Was just the week end after that Pittsburgh Steelers wons a superbowl».
So, winter is not at the end… Keep in touch and enjoy the snow… Maybe will be some other surprise from Mother Nature.