Waking up in the morning, having some fun with friends who slept over my house the past night and watching a movie found the day before by “suerte”.
You will discover that….it’s the beginning of the month and maybe…like in my case, you still have to pay the rent to the landlord. Let’s do it before is too late …:-)
Not sure if you had the chance to watch the movie Rent either the Broadway show. It’s a mix of “normal life” in New York, well…probably normal for “artists” who live on their own world. But it has something in common with every single person who lives in this world. We often forget that we live only one life…so often our regrets take control of ourself and …in the midtime, time is flying away. Then, when the day in which we lose the most important things in our life it comes, …. we do discover that we always had the chance to have them…but something was wrong inside us.
It’s a written story, a brodway shows, a daily life. It’s up to us to decide when stand up and live every day without regrets….not as a “normal day”…but as a “TODAY”.
A mix of personal thoughts, a movie story, and a weblog …a place to share whatever I think. It’s time to measure our lives in love….and not on a calendar basis.
Enjoy your Sunday….