It’s time to share 5 useful principles for your planning process. Whether you’re preparing your next career step, or you’re planning to run a marathon, these concepts will probably increase your chances to be successful.

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Let’s start.
1. From Action to Experience – Often, we end up with a long to-do-list. All important things to do. But, while we go through this process, energy, motivation and time seem to become lesser every day. One of the main reasons is because we look at those items as simple actions and not experiences. Now, look back at your to-do list and think about how you can live any action as an experience, for yourself and for all the other people involved in that task. You will soon realize how powerful this concept is. The ultimate result – not a longer to-do list but true and meaningful experiences to live.
2. Making Progress  – Sometimes, we focus on our goals and we miss out on enjoying the journey.  This may bring frustration and stress anytime we are far from achieving what we desire. In reality, happiness is not necessarily given by achieving a goal, but it’s often the result of feeling you are progressing towards your goal. Progress and growth. These are the real principles that can bring you happiness in the long run. Feel free to apply them to any sphere of your life.
3. Raise Your Standards – Whatever happened in your life, whatever your life conditions are, never doubt that you can achieve everything you want. Live your life like a dream with open eyes. We may fall or rise. We may take 1 day or 10 years. Live your life fully and raise your standards. Aim for the best, in everything. You deserve it and you can have it. You will soon realize the energy you will gain from this process. 
4. Your Plan can be ambitious and could require a long time. Whatever your goals are, don’t forget to identify the positive baby steps you take. This will keep you motivated along the way and it will provide that sense of accomplishment and progress, necessary to continue your journey with energy and passion. Go Baby Steps!
5. Number 5 – At any time, any second, any minute, any hour, any day – put yourself in the peak state. Build rituals to bring you there. We are often influenced by our thoughts, feelings etc. Well, the good news is that we can change them any time, in just one second if we want to. It’s just a matter of practice. Energy and positive feelings are needed along the way. Don’t lose time in any other state that you do not deserve. 
Finally, it’s time to enjoy the journey. Wish you all the best… Everyday… In Every Way!!!