Exactly one month later from my last post… and finally we can say: YES WE CAN.

We can try to make this world better.
We can try to live every day of our life as the best way possible.
We can say I love you to all the people we care about.
We can look at ourselves in the mirror and trust our soul.
We can look outside the box and find the best solution possible.
We can say thank you before it’s too late.
We can think about the future without any predjudice.
We can say: YES WE CAN

YES WE CAN is not a simple slogan. It’s behind any political parties, any race or colour, any age, any place in the world. Personally I’m happy on the America’s choice. Now there are no more excuses for any immgrant, any people of colour, any citizens, any americans to say: “I can’t get this because of my colour of the skin, I can’t get this because of my status, I can’t ….” This is an example on how this democracy can inspire every country, every people in the world.

WE ARE LIVING in a difficult time, economical crises, environmental issues, wars…. all matters that are influincing our daily life. The only way to get out of this, to stand up from this situation… is to react all together as individual, united as nation, as world. It will be tough…but I believe we can do it. I’m sure every single contribute will help to this common cause. It’s time to create a different mentality in the world, it’s time to think with a long term perspective. We cannot watch the TV and say that we have an energy issue and at the same time, we leave the lights on in rooms in which we are not. We cannot look the environmental problems and at the same time, we do not consider the way we can be more efficient in our house. We cannot keep watching the war on the TV and at the same time, have the same feeling in our families or working environment.


And I’m glad that the future President of the United States of America, can use his example to say: YES WE CAN. If you are a dreamer…you will easily understand that this is a common ground in which develop the CHANGE for the future. It’s time to stand up and create little by little the change we need. No matter if your name is Obama or John… no matter if you are black or white, no matter if you are american or italian, atheist or religious… what matter is the way we change from NO to YES, from I to WE, from CAN’T to CAN. It’s up to us.

Now, below video has more sense.