We often watch movies, read books, listen to stories of people who died to achieve their dreams. People with strong values and determination. People who brought innovation and/or open the doors to a better world. Their life was secondary to the primary goal. So, what is the driving force behind the actions of those individuals? What brings them to risk or lose their lives to achieve something bigger than themselves?

If you watch the movie “Nord Wand” you will experience this feeling first hand.

I personally believe that each one of us has a role/reason to exist in this world. Each one of us can make the difference. The truth is, only a few people decide to pursue their passions and their dreams. We often live in environments that discourage our actions. Sometime we also create stories that justify our behavior and why our dreams cannot be achieved. Pondering on the if too much and the end result it is a life where regrets often replace fulfillments.

On the other hand, that sensation of “freedom”, that feeling to “fully” live your life, regardless if it lasts 10 or 100 years, regardless if you have what you need or not.

So, how do we break this pattern? How do we create a bridge between where we are and where we’d like to be?

I found an answer on this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. It is definitely a great hint. It’s not a secret that every time we overcome one of our limits our level of self-confidence goes through the roof. We feel again free and in control of our life. We finally feel alive.

So, let’s start climbing our “own Eiger“, let’s face what scares us the most and “walk confidently in the direction of our dreams“.