music connection dream reality

Sometimes we have too many ideas in our Mind and only a few of them are close to becoming reality. This state of mind can definitely bring us down and make us feel tired.

On the other side, somewhere in our soul, mind, heart there is always that image, that thought, that dream able to bring back our energy, our motivation, our passion. So, we often hit that wall that separate the dream from what’s real. Yes, it’s tough to wake up early in the morning and go up on that treadmill; it’s tough to go out there every day and keep the same level of energy; it’s tough to make mistakes, go down and stand up again. It is tough! But it’s just as possible!

It’s just a matter of training our mind and body about continuing to instill in ourselves that Sense of awareness and confidence. When we need a little help to cross that line, to climb that wall and keep our journey going, a friend is always available and ready to inspire us.

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart.

Our deep connection with music is explained by the fact that it is hardwired in our brains and bodies. There are several studies that show the direct correlation between music and a positive state of mind.  So, just listen to songs that Inspire you, let your body, mind and soul enjoy the beauty of every single sound; continue to build that bridge between your dreams and reality. Be relentless and don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and make your own decisions.

No matter what, I AM going to make it – Les Brown said in a famous speech.

So,  find that spark that makes you unique, determined and inspired and let the music play. I can hear it, I can feel it, I can taste it. We just Climbed another wall.