Days of conventions….Democratic first, Republican later. Who ever feel to be part of a country, or living on it, cannot ignore what is happening on the political side.

Often, people thinks that politics is not something that affect your daily life. Maybe is because we don’t like the way Institutions are running, maybe because is too easy to identify in the political side the reason of our faillures.
But, politics reflects the society and everyone has to be part of it.

During the past week, I watched the Democratic Convention. I’m not going to hide that I was positively impressed from some of the speaches delivered, like Clinton, Obama.
The fact that USA, land of opportunity, is having difficulties to keep this role, is bringing everyone to a further step called: CHANGE.

We heard this word more than one time in the past. Most of the time it never happened. But everytime this was true, we experienced historical phases of our society development. World is full of wars, interests, divisions….but it is also full of leadership, people who want to change, people who loves.

I do agree on the fact that change has to come from the bottom to the top and not on the opposite way. This is what is behind the dream to lead a life, a family, a company, a nation.

Awaiting for the repubblican convention, I’m glad to have seen all the above in the first candidate to the Presidential elections.