It’s about making our dreams come true. That’s what you taught to all of us. That’s what we got from your life-learning lessons. That’s what we will carry-on with us forever.
Dear Nelson, or as many of your friends call you, Madiba, not having you, in body, in this world makes our hearts full of “empty” spaces. It is sad to lose a person who became part of ourselves. 
So we look for answers, for something that will bring forward your charisma and your inspiration. During those hours, everyone was sharing your quotes, your pictures, videos to find something that will keep alive any experience, inspiration, word and action of your life. 
I will personally remember you for the words I have shared already, since you shared them in 2006. Reading your autobiography has been and still is a source of continuos inspiration for me. 
Thank you for setting the example and share it with all of us. It’s now our turn to contribute and continue what you started, making a better world around us.
The only regret is not having met you in person! But maybe we did it! As you will be there with us whenever we achieve anything towards your life’s mission.
May you rest in peace and enjoy “the glorious vista that surrounds you”