Hey hey hey, travelling in the subway everyday, give you the chance to read some nice book, some newspaper, or listening to music…or reflect about people in front of you…or.. think about a new concept…
Some days ago, I was thinking about this concept, “l’equilibrio relativo”. I don’t know how to call it in english, probably “the relative equilibrium”, but I will try to explain the concept.
Everybody use to change during his life. Everyday something happens, you meet new people, you do something new, you make choices. So, our body and our mind…try everyday to get a balance between the past conditions… and the new ones in order to find the best way to live.
But, imagine what happens when you see a nice and interesting person(girl or boy, it depends what are you looking for) and… you have the chance to talk and to know better this person. Imagine this person kiss you and you feel something for her/him. Your balance is out of order!!! Your priority is going to change. And you, try to find the new equilibrium.
It’s exacly the same when you find a new job, or when something new happens.
In that case, like in all the cases, we don’t need to keep quite our emotions. Leave them free because this is what we need in order to promote our personal growth.
What can we do, is to create a positive ground for these situations, going out, talking with new people, without fear to be lost. Only in that way, we can help our mind and our body to be ready for the new change… walking everytime towards a new equilibrium.
We cannot skip the change of our life…but we can be faster to go towards this condition. But…pay attention… the equilbrium is not the final one… we are talking about relative equilibrium. The goal is not achieving it…but the way to walk towards the final results.
In that way, we don’t depend from the results… but we depend from our attitude. And…if we have a positive attitude…as consequence, we’ll obtein the best results.
1. If you are a dreamer… you fight everyday with this situation…asking for a new quite life.
2. If you are not a dreamer…probably you are thinking:”I have no this kind of problem…nothing happens in my life”.
In any case, our world and so, our life is going to change every minute. It’s our nature… and the beauty of our human being. Also if we don’t do nothing new, the world around us continue to change.
We need just to refresh this concept…and probably we’ll appreciate what we have in our hands.
Are you confused? If yes, and if you are trying to understand this message, probably you are already different from the person who starts to read this article 1 minute ago!!!
Life is change and change is life. Enjoy it.
Take care my friends