Another year is flying away and some of the questions are always the same.
Economy is changing, Far East is taking the lead, USA are trying to keep their leadership awake, Europe is still trapped in political divisions, Russia is consolidating interests of the past in a modern way, Africa is full of wars and social problems. Australia, who knows what is happening over there!
In this scenario, global firms are positioning themselves as imporant agent in this society. If you think a second, you will probably realize that most of them move annual capitals bigger than most of what worldwide countries. do Acting in different countries make them aware of what is happing around the world. Often, they know cultures, laws, habits and economical trends better than local governments.
So, is the global growth passing trhough these entities?
In my opinion they have an important role. However a well structured growth can be achieved only if these entities will combine their role with the one that Institutions and Social Parts have. Is probably between those interactions that we can find some interesting examples on how to lead our society in the years ahead of us.
But please, do not leave the system doing that. Everything starts from a point that everyone knows really well: OURSELVES.
Find your path and keep going on it.