During the past 2 days I had the chance to think about my current experience. I also read all blogs of my friends and I found more than one thing in common. Most of us are currently around the world (India, UK, Australia, Cina..) but for everyone the question is the same: are we on the right track? Do we expect to jump all around the world for the rest of our life? When will be the break point?

Probably there are thousands of answer to those questions; until we are driven by our passions and values, we will always accept challenges and challenges do not have home!

Going back 2 years ago, I was still in Italy. My AIESEC’s terms was ended in July and I was almost ready to get my Bachelor in Pavia. January 2006 my departure to the USA. After 2 years I have got my english certificate, I’m working at MSC as Import Assistant Manager, I travelled around the West Coast of the US, walking on 2 of my personal goals (Grand Canyon and Golden Gate), I’m studying at NYU for a Certificate on Business Management, Leadership and Organizational Development, I’m helping one of my friend as a trainer for a soccer team of under 17, I started my experience with NONI International, I’m eating many many books!!

If you read above, only thing that is missing is the time to rest. New York offers everyday thousands of opportunities. This is the reason why it is called “the city that never sleep”.

Now, is this city the right one for the future? Probably I don’t know yet. But I’m quite sure that will be my city for the next few years. If one day I will leave New York, I will probably have more time to relax…but I will miss the caotic sound of opportunities of every day.

If I try to link my past with my future… I will probably get lost at this time… maybe it’s time to complete some of the present activities and have a better picture at the end.

I like to close this post with some sentences on New York. I hope you will enjoy.
Take care

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro

Robert Redford