Saturday 25th March, it was my pleasure to join the initiative organized by EBBF members in New York and regarding the Young Professionals Business Ethics Forum. The intent of the forum is to involve people with different knowledge, engage guest speakers, discuss around world issues and think collaboratively about how to most effectively leverage our skills and experience to affect positive change throughout our carriers.
The event, named “Global Economy, global justice: the role of individual to create change”, was hosted at the United Nations headquarters. Let imagine the emotion to be inside this huge building in the room number 8, where all the representatives of the countries use to seat and discuss about the worldwide issue. And imagine to have in front of you one of the most important economist of the world, the Chief Economist of the World Economic Forum, Augusto Lopez-Claros.
It was an incredible experience. We talked about various issues regarding the state of the world. The main point that I found really interesting was the description of the “GAP between the society/economy growth and the global institutions role”. We are growing, our society is becoming global, the globalization is already part of our daily life. Some consequences of that represent the challenges of the future; think about the management of the population growth in the developing countries, or, the fact that in the next 15 years, in order to balance the population growth and the job opportunities, we need to create a number of job positions that are not realistic also for the best country economy present at the moment in the world. In our system there are some contradictions and, I think, like all the people presents in that room, that everyone, countries, governments, citizens etc etc.. everyone needs to include these considerations in their daily activities and decisions.
Institutions like United Nations, were not created to solve this kind of issues at that level. So , if we want to have some positive effects from their activities, we need to promote reforms and…share the country power in different way. And the reason of that is because the economy is growing, so we have more global issues to consider, but we always have the same international institutions, with the same structure and without decisional power. If we also think, that in the United Nations we have 5 countries with the veto power (one of them is not a democracy), we don’t have representatives from NGO and civil society but just representatives of the governments… we can truly understand why it’s so important discuss of this issue in our society.
We have so many discussions to build up, but I hope that everyone, in his society level and in his role, could create something of new for the future, considering that we have differences in our world, but we live in the same place. And our future generations will live with the resources that we will leave them. Long term expectations in our decision making process. Who’s doing that? For now, I will start with my first action, writing this article and saying thanks to Piero, Tannaz (and the Baby) and all the EBBF members, who introduced me in this initiative. See you soon my dear friends.