Close-up Of Happy Businesswoman Holding Grass Covered Electric Plug And Socket

endless-217809_640Everyone is constantly under pressure due to the rising demands, sense of responsibility and continuous need to perform. As result, we end up putting in long hours at work, which ultimately takes a toll on us physically, mentally and emotionally. Just why the famous story of ‘The crazy 8‘ comes to my mind. You’ll never get out from similar virtuous cycle unless you break the pattern.

The first solution that comes to our minds is to handle our time in a better way. Time Management is an approach that enhances your efficacy and efficiency during the day. This is definitely useful, but it will not necessarily bring you the desired result. Time is and will always be limited. So, when we free up some space in our agenda, something else will knock at our door and sneak in. The result is again a full agenda that leads to declining levels of engagement, distraction and stress.

So, let me introduce a concept that can help you to handle this matter from a different perspective. What if we start managing our energy and not our time?

Time is a finite resource.Energy is not.

Energy is the capacity to move forward, to put things at work. If we follow this approach, it becomes important to understand the origin of this concept and how we can renew, expand, multiply energy throughout the day. Energy originates from and is directly impacted by 4 main sources:

  1. The body that leads to physical energy;
  2. Emotions that leads to emotional energy;
  3. Mind that leads to mental energy;
  4. Spirit that leads to spiritual energy.

mixer-72073_640Instead of seeking a work/life balance, we should focus on nurturing our energy level on those 4 fields. As consequence, our body, mind, spirit and heart will be reinvigorated, and our life will play as a sound mixer.

We may experience 24 consecutive hours at work and finalize with passion a project or we may live a full day with our loved ones and feel love and happiness. At any given time, we’ll be driven by our passion and sense of progression in our life.

In simpler words, energy is the gateway to our personal fulfillment. So, how can we enhance our energy level? Rituals are fundamental to nurture our vitality. Here some ideas that can help to reach your desired results and live a life at your full potential:

  • Physical Energy: Sleep at least 7 hours, reduce the use of alcohol, engage in physical activities at least 3 times a week, learn how to recognize symptoms of stress and take the necessary breaks throughout the day.
  • Emotional Energy: Fuel positive energy in yourself, appreciate others, analyze difficult situations from a different angle, constantly look for the lesson to learn, don’t make things personal.
  • Mental Energy: Stay focused and fully centered on your key activities, avoid multi-tasking, reduce interruptions, always stick to your key priorities.
  • Spiritual Energy: Live your core values, find a spot/moment of the day to listen to your soul, constantly link your actions to your ultimate purpose. Be grateful.