faith vs hope pendulum

We start this post with a quote, that I read a few days ago on the web

– Life is a pendulum which swings between joys and tears.

That may be true. We may experience beautiful and limitless moments of joy as well as challenging and difficult times, driving us towards tears. We all know how to face the first ones (or at least, they are easier and more enjoyable to live). But often, happiness is strongly influenced by the way we approach and overcome the difficult moments. And here we go to the subject of this post: Faith versus Hope.

No, it is not necessarily a summed up choice. Both of these are feelings that we may experience anytime we face an important moment of our life. I used the word ‘important’ and not negative or positive in purpose. Knowing their meanings and how do they relate to our soul may be helpful to achieve our personal happiness. I invite you to find your time and space to gather yourself and think about those powerful concepts. I personally believe that we have a huge and active role in our life.

Life is shaped by decisions.

We may not know what the future holds for us, but we may know what we can actually do or don’t to make it better. And here it is the feeling of faith comes. Faith, in ourselves or something bigger than us. Faith that things will improve. Faith that the future will bring us happiness. Faith, that we’ll be able to solve some of the most critical problems of this world.

In the above statement, there is no space for hope. I still did not find the right place for this. My idea to positively contribute as an agent of change  always brings my pendulum to choose faith and not hope. It’s like with hope, I just need to wait and see what will happen. A kind of last card to use. It may be a sensation that we feel at the very last stages of our lives or when we face issues that seem bigger than us.

Well, if this is true, I prefer not to run any risk and pick faith over hope for as long as I can. Regardless of what the future holds for us, we should never doubt ourselves, we should always have faith that things will go for the best and finally:

Always walk confidently towards the direction of our dreams.