Walking on the bridge continue to live and it’s the right time to talk about one of the most exiciting place to discover…yes, my dear friends, it’s time to talk about Africa.
I never had the chance to go there but I’m sure that one day I will travel in this unbelievable continent.
My first intensive meeting with Africa was one year ago. Yes..I never been there phisically, but I travelled with my mind reading the Autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Incredible book and incredible history. From that moment, I’m dreaming to have the chance to meet one of the most inspiring people in this world…and…never says never.
I was, and I’m currently interested to visit South Africa, living on my skin the emotions of the past and the challenges of the future of this Nation. But I also like to go around Africa, discovering what’s going on in all the countries.
Living in the 2006 has the advantage to be in each place just connecting your computer to internet. And, today I found this incredible initiative, regarding Zambia and a Community Based Natural Resource Managment Project. The name of the project is ADMADE PROGRAM.
I just report some information…
“Zambia is at a crossroads. Many challenges remain for Zambia to achieve nationwide growth and awareness in resource conservation and rural development. To meet these challenges head-on, Zambia must assess its previous successes and failures. Degrees of success vary greatly and leaders and practitioners helping to expand the ADMADE approach must learn from these past experiences to ensure results improve and become more predictable. ADMADE is a national program that has spread into most provinces of the country with almost universal appeal and support among its community constituents. It is also politically accepted among it national leaders, who view it as a positive approach for decentralizing Government authority over the use and management of natural resources. Furthermore, it has begun to fuel renewed confidence among private investors for wildlife tourism in Zambia and in game management areas in particular……”

if you want to read more, please visit the following website… and maybe… one day one of us will be directly involved in the development of this kind of projects.
I wish all the best for the people of this continent
Take care… dreaming Africa from your house