A new book, a new theory. At this time at the center of the stage we have our “digital footprint”.

An ambitious thesis that shows how big companies (such as Amazon, Netflix etc)  were able to displace their competitors by creating and managing code halos. So, their main strategy was not based by competing with products; instead their strategy was to manage all the informations that are out there on our “digital” identity and social habits. And here we go, the right banner on the side of your screen and your favorite book, article is on its way home. In simple words, they created more values from the field of information around a person than from the actual entity itself.

But, what is a code halos? Well, this name comes from a consulting company, who assist organizations and people on this field. You can also read their book. Regardless from the name, it includes a wide concept that we can no longer ignore.

Think about our actions displayed on social networks, or anytime we buy a product, we rent a move, or we enter in a place where we are tagged in. All those actions generate information around us. It is like if we walk with a halo full of hints on who we are, what we do, what we like. Now, imagine a person in front of you is able to see those information. You can be scared or you can see an opportunity. For sure, the people who talks in this video, found a valid business opportunity.

If you want learn more, watch the video. Enjoy