Boss and Leader… Hmm.. Differences!


HUMANS ARE AWESOME …Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

“I Don’t Stop when I’m Tired, I stop when I’m Done”

Can we compare our workout approach to our life attitude? Yess. That's a great news if you are already a sportive person. You already know that you can use the workout experience to inspire yourself

IQ and the concept of Infinity

The positive effect of the flu is that it forces you to stay at home. Perfect time to catch up with some of your favorite books or movies.  So it was yesterday. On the screen,

The Jar of Life…

Here we go! Linking some of the old stories and inspirational concepts with the current day-to-day activities  always transform into a pleasant discovery. Even more when you realize that those principles are exactly the ones needed

Not just a Goal… But a SMART Goal

How many of you experienced the case to set a goal and just not getting there? One of the common mistakes starts with the goal setting itself. Here some useful questions that can help you

The Best Advice You can Receive from Your Parents….

In a nice way: "Try to figure it out first, before we help you". This story teaches us that maybe, the limits are only in our mind! Watch this video and learn how determination can

But it Ain’t about How Hard you Hit, it’s about How Hard You can Get Hit and Keep Moving forward

Difficulties. Some call them stress, pressure. Others call them challenges, opportunities. There is no doubt that it depends on your state of mind, on the environment in which you are living, on the people that

The Power of Imagination makes us infinite

Sometimes a video or a song makes you smile for the entire day. Yes, it's there, always in your mind.  And suddenly, black&white becomes colorful, cloudy becomes sunny... I love the power of Imagination. Simple

Diversity – Mr. Cultural Shock and the Hangover

Diversity and Cultural Shock - these 2 words can go together or separately but both are related to a common experience: ”Open yourself to something different from the origin”. Since I was a child, I