I wish the next record breaker well and hope they enjoy doing it….

 Inspire and be inspired. Searching for inspirational people and stories. And here we go, another great example of a truly inspirational human being. An astonishing story, plenty of determination and a passion for running, regardless

Nothing is more powerful than an idea… KONY 2012

TIME IS NOW!  This is the main message out of this video. I've been talking with a friend of mine (thanks Pietro) and he strongly recommended to watch this video. Well, I definitely did learn something

Morning Snow… a window of thoughts

January 21st. Here we go again. The first snow of the year in New York. Waking up early in the morning and watching the snowfall outside the window creates a pleasant atmosphere. All of a

Simply AIESEC >>>>

There are no words to explain how an interactive international experience can change your life. Volunteering, sharing ideas, feelings, traveling, understanding cultures, growth, leadership, inspiration, friendships - a unique and fantastic Network AIESEC. Enjoy the