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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applied to employee engagement

Maslow's hierarchy of needs applied to employee engagement.

5 key strategies to win a control-freak boss

5 strategies that will help you to win the control-freak approach of a direct Manager/Boss and create support to your career path.

A glass of water: a must watch inspirational story

A glass of water Is a must watch inspirational story which will change your perspective of life.

Music: the inspiring connection between dreams and reality

When we need a little help to keep our journey going, a friend is always available and ready to inspire us: music.

Faith vs Hope: I’ve Made My Choice

Life is a pendulum which swings between joys and tears. My idea to positively contribute as change agent brings always my pendulum to choose faith.

Nord Wand movie: the driving force

We often watch movies, read books, listen to stories of people who died to achieve their dreams. People with strong values and determination. People who brought innovation and/or open the doors to a better world.

The Green Gold…”il bergamotto”

Join me to discover this precious fruit, also called the green gold of Calabria.

Make Your Life a Masterpiece


The Ultimate Concept

Find your "ultimate" concept" and unleash your happiness

“Code Halos”…the information that surrounds people, organizations, devices

A new book, a new theory. At this time at the center of the stage we have our "digital footprint".